When we’re travelling on the dirt and in places where tracks are overgrown or don’t exist, you want to avoid any pin striping on your vehicle’s duco.

So we recently came across a product that would actually help prevent scratches. We applied it to our vehicle’s duco before hitting the tracks and it definitely protected it from getting a pounding. To say we were amazed with its performance, is an understatement!

It’s a PVA based protectant, and it was simply a matter of rolling it onto the vehicle’s paintwork with a small roller. Being 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, there was no issues with chemicals etc. The protectant dried clear and unless you were standing up close and specifically looking for it, it wasn’t obvious.

IMG_0972 (1024x668) IMG_0975 (1024x683)

After being rained on the first night of the trip, we had concerns that the protectant would wash off. It actually was unaffected by it.

The terrain during the trip was quite rough in parts, and you could see where the protectant was getting scratched, yet the paintwork was unaffected.

IMG_2782 (1024x683) P1070416 (1024x768)

We travelled with a small paint brush and some spare protectant, so it was just a matter of touching it up while we were away.

Removing it was really simple – out with the Karcher and a good blasting with water saw the Autoskin peel away…no tools or chemicals required.


From the time we initially applied the coating to the time we got home and took it off, it was more than 4 months. It left no residue and the car still looked great!




Cost – less than $200 for 4 litres (which we’ll use for around 4 trips).

Recommended – highly! Worth its weight in gold.