When finishing our last blog, we were unfortunately heading back to the drawing board (whiteboard) as nothing in the secondhand market was coming our way.

Well as luck would have it one Friday night, we received an alert for a new Car Sales ad, and looking at it as we were heading out, we couldn’t believe how it was ticking so many of our boxes.  Talking about it over dinner, we were hugely excited by the prospect we might have found THAT vehicle, so we decided to ring first thing Saturday morning.

Guess what?

8.00am Saturday morning we called and it went through to Messagebank, so we left our contact details and waited for a reply. Later that morning a text message arrived to say it was…sold.  No way!

You can gather the gut wrenching feeling we had…we’d been searching for some months now and then when a vehicle comes along that stacks up in so many ways only to find out that it’s sold was heartbreaking.   We were beaten at the post and it was a big lesson learnt.  In hindsight, we should have called the moment we got the alert.

The following day it was my birthday and trying to put on a happy face, we were back in the office revisiting the whiteboard and working on a strategy to buy new when we get a phone call.  Imagine our excitement as it’s the seller explaining that the vehicle is back on the market as the deal fell through and we were second in line. (Happy Birthday)!

After some discussion on the phone and some exchanging of photos and more details, it was decided we’re going to have a look and take a test drive.adelaide brisbane map 4

So with airline tickets booked, we hopped on a plane one early Tuesday morning and flew to the other side of the country to inspect and test drive what could potentially be our new Urban Escape Vehicle.

Here’s a sneak peak…


We’d really like to tell you more now, but we’re a bit short of time, sorry…so as they say…to be continued!