There were heaps of things to see around the Sunshine Coast – we spent almost a day at the Eumundi Markets given it had over 300 stalls, and proved very popular with both tourists and locals.  It was great to see a market that actually sold some good quality stuff.  We also took a drive up and down the coast to the various beaches, we visited the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, stopping at Montville and Maleny, and spent some time at Noosa’s Car Show & Shine.  The scenery around this way is very pretty as you can see all the way to the coast.

We also managed to get back to where I briefly went to primary school and lived in the mid 1970s.  Sadly, the school is slowly was being demolished to make way for an extension of the Bruce Highway, so I was really glad we were able to visit before that occurred.

The area around the school was closed off due to road construction, but being a weekend and no roadworks happening, we sneaked behind the fence and took a look around!  It was a real buzz finding a door to the classroom unlocked, so in we go and the memories flooded back.  Being only a small school back then (27 students), we all fitted in the one classroom, so it was great to be able to show Grant “where I used to sit”!  A few kilometres away, we stopped to take a look at the old farm – the house in fact looked really good which was pleasing, but a lot of the surrounding area I didn’t recognise as there’s been heaps of subdivision and lots of new housing from what we saw.

Travelling further south down past Esk, we never knew that Queensland could produce good wine.  Well, we were pleasantly surprised as we visited a couple of wineries at Stanthorpe – in fact, we picked up both white and reds, with the reds being more gutsy than expected.  A visit to a local berry farm also proved worthwhile with great strawberry parfaits and waffles.

Our Queensland adventure has now been completed so we crossed the border into New South Wales briefly stopping at Tenterfield.  Made famous in the Peter Allen song, “Tenterfield Saddler”, the song was actually written about Peter’s Grandfather who was the Tenterfield Saddler for many years.  The building still exists and was in quite good conditions so we stopped for a few pics.

Join us in our next post which sees us shake, rattle and roll as we get caught up in a freak storm, we spend some time around the beautiful Coffs Coast, and Grant finally catches fish!

Stay safe,
Grant & Linda.

Kms Travelled Total  31,811