There are so many options these days when it comes to campsite lighting, it can be difficult to make a choice. From humble headlamp, portable lanterns, strip led lights, or perhaps your RV comes with outdoor lighting already installed, the list is almost endless. But what if we told you there is a different camp light; one that will light up your whole campsite with an incredible spread of elevated light, its dimmable, plugs into a cig socket and draws around two amps, its lightweight and packs away in its own carry bag. Surely, you’d want to know more.

 This light has stacks of features, let’s take a look at what it’s got.

  • The light produces 2800 Lumens of LED output
  • A low power draw of only two amps
  • It’s unique in design as it uses a flexible fibreglass pole that is collapsible for convenient storage, but is adjustable for elevated lighting
  • The aluminium reflector spreads a large circumference of light.
  • The light comes with an extra-long lead with a 12v cig plug for powering the light, including an adapter for battery terminal application
  • A sand spike is supplied for easy off vehicle mounting and velcro straps are included for securing the pole into place
  • It come with a variable dimmer switch to foster that mood lighting feel around camp.
  • The whole lot packs away in its own storage bag (supplied).


The light was very easy to set up and we were very surprised at the spread of light it produced. Being an elevated light, at no time did we find we were being blinded when compared to other lights positioned at head height. We also liked the dimming feature which was a nice touch for when you’re still looking for lighting around camp, but just not a super bright light. Being such a lightweight accessory, we did find the light a little hard to control during wind, and the sand spike a little flimsy for hard ground.

The fact that this light is portable, elevated, and draws just 2amps to produce fantastic overall lighting, it’s an excellent way to light up everyone at a large gathering. As the saying goes, “Let there be light”! And there it was….the Comet from Oztrail.



Prices: RRP $139.95 for the 25 watt version


As published in RV Daily, Issue 19