Media & Partners


A good yarn spoken from experience is what we’re all about, so part of what we do as digital nomads is provide content for media and our partners. Having different styles of travelling set ups means our circumstances are unique, as we cover more than one market segment when it comes to travel, overlanding, 4WDing, RVs, camping, caravanning, camper trailers, and the leisure lifestyle in general.

Our content is regularly published in mainstream publications throughout the Australian media landscape, and we’re pretty comfortable behind a keyboard, in front or behind a DSLR and video camera, and becoming more familiar with a drone joystick!

Aside from media, we get approached by other types of businesses for our opinions on a range of topics within the mobile living lifestyle sector. It’s here where we provide blogs and content to help promote the industry. We also contribute to a variety of social pages and have links and ties to a number of websites where you’ll find our stories being told and passed on.

So our philosophy is to write from the “university of life”, and anything we write about comes from our own experiences, mistakes, and adventures because we follow the motto that “Life is one big learning experience, and we’re never too old to stop learning.”

You’ll find our articles and blogs across a range of publications and websites, and we’d like to say a massive thanks to all those businesses that support us.