Our Ultimate Camper


Our Ultimate Camper Explor GT joined the My Aussie Travel Guide family in 2016 (nicknamed Tex). We’ve previously owned camper trailers – from box trailers, soft floor through to hard floors, and it’s all about compromise. We’d been looking at an Ultimate Camper for some time, but when the boys at Ultimate were prepared to listen to a new spec idea we had, our decision was made.   


Travelling with an Ultimate Camper

If you’re already an Ultimate Campers owner, there’s no doubt you know why having one is so good. So how did we come about to become Ulti owners? Here’s our story. Like most Ultimate owners, we love travelling around Oz – whether it’s to take in pristine beaches, wide...

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Setting up our Ulti

After collecting our Ultimate Camper and spending a few nights locally in Moruya, the drive back home also provided some valuable time to get to know our Ulti. To say we were really looking forward to our first real big adventure with the Ultimate (now nicknamed Tex...

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Our Maiden Voyage – Binns Track & Cape York

There was excitement in the air the day we were to pull out of the driveway and leave on our first big trip with our new Ultimate camper, “Tex”. We decided to take a couple of photos knowing this wasn’t going to be any easy trip. The plan started with getting to Alice...

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79 Series & Ultimate Camper

(as published in Unsealed 4x4, Issue 31)     When asked to write an article about ourselves and our set up, it’s not until you really start to think about what to say, you realise how hard it is to write about yourself. In a nutshell, we’re adventurers of sorts, so...

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