We’ve had our 21′ Traveller Sensation for some years now and we absolutely love it! Originally buying it with the intention of our big lap adventure, we didn’t take its purchase lightly. In fact, we went to a bundle of caravan shows for a couple of years beforehand to do plenty of research of what we needed vs. what we wanted. It really came down to three manufacturers in the end before deciding Traveller was the one for us. Since we’ve had it, we’ve made a few mods over the years – nothing major, but just a few small things that have made our travelling experiences even better than they were!

Even though we bought our van some time ago, we are very much part of the Traveller family still today – we keep in contact with the Melbourne team, and take every opportunity for a factory tour when we’re in Victoria. 

To see what mods we made for our big lap trip, take a look here