When travelling with a fridge of sorts is so popular these days, we’ve found having an additional small console fridge like the Waeco CF11 is a perfect accompaniment to our touring set up. This lightweight option fits snuggly between our front seats, so unlike our other vehicle fridge, this one’s accessible at any time.

Feature wise, there’s a temperature display panel which can easily be adjusted, and the fridge has a couple of holders for drinks. The lid is robust – in fact, it’s strong enough to use as an arm rest, or in our case it’s the ideal place for our touring map computer to sit on.

Our console fridge is powered an additional auxiliary deep cycle style battery in the engine bay area which has also been set up to double as a backup starting battery. This provides a full redundancy plan for power and refrigeration.

For normal touring, we have the option whether to have this console fridge switched on or off. Generally, we keep snacks and some drinks, milk for our coffees and a pre-made lunch consisting of sandwiches and fruit, so driver changes can be swift and we’re back on our way.

Given the way we use the fridge and as it’s on a separate electrical circuit with a separate battery, we can turn it off at the end of a day’s touring and simply switch it on again the next morning when we’re on the go again. We find it reaches our desired temperature in next to no time.

With the Waeco 11 litre console fridge bringing so much convenience to our style of touring, it’s an accessory that’s become one of our favourite touring companions.

Catch you next time!
Grant & Linda
My Aussie Travel Guide