Time for an update…

Our last post had us flying across the country to look at a potential vehicle we were hoping to purchase.  Armed with a 3 page checklist, details of the vehicle and a bank cheque, we arrived in Brisbane and waited at the airport for a call to say come and take a look.

Finishing our coffee, the phone rang and it was the owner suggesting we wait out by valet parking and he’ll be there shortly. So out at the busy airport drop off area, we didn’t have to wait long before we saw (and heard)!! what looked like to be the vehicle we had travelled all this way to see.  We hopped in, introduced ourselves and took off. Our first impressions were really good…it drove nicely, it was super clean, and there were lots of gadgets to play with 🙂

Stopping down the road, we got out and had a guided tour with the owner as to how the accessories worked, what were the do’s and don’ts, and how to get the best out of the vehicle.  Now it was time to bring out our checklist!  V8 Diesel (check), 3.5 tonne towing rating (check), bull bar (check).  (We think you get the idea).  So we continued crawling around ticking off our list and at the same time adding to it with the delight of the odd surprise here and there when we realised “wow, we didn’t know it came with that”!!!!

Anyway, it was now time for our test drive.  So climbing in the driver’s seat, we buckled up, adjusted some mirrors and fired it up.  Then checked for traffic, and with an almighty thrust, the V8 whirled, the clutch was dropped and we pulled away from the kerb with lightning speed.  This thing sure has some power and torque! Giddy up!!  So with all the normal driving pattern completed, we headed to do some 4×4 off road driving.  After locking in the hubs, we went “bush” (well as much as you can in Brisbane city) and here is where it performed the best.  It’s for this reason we wanted to buy this type of vehicle…a 2013 79 Series Landcruiser Dual Cab. It was now time to decide YES or NO…

Simply put it was a yes, yes, yes!  So from here, we stopped and pulled over at the owner’s (Toby) next destination where we did the sale and transfer of ownership and handed over the bank cheque.

We were most grateful to Toby; he was a wonderful guy who was only too willing to ensure we were happy with everything.  We said our goodbyes, jumped back in our new truck, gave ourselves some high 5’s and punched in home on the new GPS (once we worked out how to use it)! We now had a 3 day drive ahead of us to give it a real test drive, ever it be only on the black top.

So when we next post you’ll get to see the new beast that we have dubbed our Urban Escape Vehicle.  For now here are a couple of pics…

Here's an interior view

Here’s an interior view

It has a bull bar

It has a bull bar

It has a V8 engine

It has a V8 engine