Ok, it’s been a long time between drinks and blogs as well!  The blame sits fairly and squarely with me, the CE (Chief Engineer) as we have been busy (yeah yeah we can hear you laughing). Yep, real busy…as time got the better of the CE as we are off yet again on another adventure, and we had a heap of things we had to get done to the new vehicle before we could go.  Of course I wanted them all finished before the reveal.

Oh well, it wasn’t to be…we got away with a list of job mods that still need to be completed, but as they say, it’s a work in progress and Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Now I know some of our readers have already seen the beast, so if you are one of those, you may not choose to read any further, but for all the others, here it is.

The star attraction is…


Now we had planned to slowly reveal it bit by bit (old work habit tricks), but instead we decided to show it as it is today and explain later how it came to be.

Now as you can see, it’s loaded with “fruit”.  In fact, this has been in the making for a while, and it’s almost, but will soon be the perfect URBAN ESCAPE VEHICLE once we are finished. So for now we are on a shakedown run, a P2 (that’s Pilot run 2) is what I would have called it, as for P1 stage, it went straight through.

We will get more photos before too long, and we will explain the fruit and the method to our madness in due course.

So more to come in the day in the life of our Urban Escape Vehicle, now known as MATG-79 (or as Linda affectionately calls “him”, “Conky”)!!