Leaving Tenterfield, we’re now travelling further south towards Casino.  As we left Tenterfield that morning, heaps of thick black clouds were developing in the distance, but given that we were heading in the opposite direction we thought nothing of it.  Bad mistake!

Arriving at Casino, we hurriedly set up so we could watch some footy and were just chilling out when the wind picked up.  But we quickly realised that this was no ordinary wind…gusts came from the middle of nowhere and the van began to rock.  Then the awning starting to make a few noises, but amazingly we then saw it being “lifted” off its hinges!  Both of us bolting outside to rescue it, the wind kept getting underneath it and we struggled to hang on.  Unfortunately the awning vinyl ripped before we could control it and put it away   Just as quick as the wind came, it left.  Then it was time to sit back for the show…thunder, lightning, and rain entertained us for the next hour, but that was ok as we’d lost interest in the footy!

We checked out the Byron Bay markets whilst over that way, but we didn’t find them overly exciting, so we checked out the beach before heading back to Casino.  On the move again, we headed towards Coffs Harbour; it was magnificent scenery drive as we wound our way down the mountain into Coffs.  But we weren’t going to set camp there as we had been given a tip…yep there’s a small town about 28km south of Coffs…the locals keep it a secret as the last thing they want is for it to be turned into a tourist mecca, and after our time there, we can see why they feel this way.  So who gave us this tip?  Well to answer that one, we have to go back about 18 months, and for the sake of completeness let’s explain…

Yep, we have travelled some 30,000km to arrive at a lovely spot called Urunga.  After setting up at a pretty riverside caravan park, a friend of Grant’s arrived after finishing work and offered to give us the guided tour of “Paradise Urunga”.  We visited Hungry Heads, the river mouths, swimming beaches, the fishing club launch site, the SES Control room, SES garages and the main street shops of Urunga.

Taking a day trip from Urunga, we had a great drive up around Bellingen and Dorrigo. As we drove, spectacular green rolling paddocks surrounded us; it was pretty speccy.  We learnt Bellingen has some famous people choosing to live there, including George Negus.  Russell Crowe also has a pub not too far away.  After stopping for coffee (no, unfortunately not with George), we drove on further to Dorrigo, stopping at the pretty Dangan Falls.

Grant even got to go fishing while in Urunga.  It wasn’t long before the lines were in the water, and he hooked up a lovely snapper – then it was all happening, and fish were being reeled in left, right and centre. Whilst out fishing, they spotted even a whale from a distance. Back at base, Grant so badly wanted a photo with his fish  😛 They then did a quick cleaning exercise before having a cool amber to toast the morning’s catch.

We said our goodbyes the following day and thanked Merv (Grant’s friend) for his wonderful hospitality and sharing the treasures of Urunga with us, and hope to see Merv and his wife Sue some time in SA soon enough, so we can repay the favour.

Stay safe,
Grant & Linda.

Kms Travelled Total  32,185